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Tree Bracing and Cabling for Winter Storms

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 Has a certified arborist inspected your trees lately? After a professional arborist comes to inspect your trees for signs of decay in trees’ root systems and trunks, and inspect crowns of trees for dead branches or other indications of weakness – the arborist may suggest installing a cable or a system of cables.

What is tree cable exactly? Tree cabling is the installation of flexible steel into the destabilized tree to reduce stress damage from high winds, heavy foliage, or the weight of snow and ice. Cabling helps trees better withstand severe weather conditions and improve longevity; as well as, reinforces weak limbs to become stronger against unpredictable outside forces.

To read more, the University of Tennessee published a guide entitled, "Cabling, Bracing and Other Support Systems for Trees." 

If you’ve never considered storm protection for your trees, it may be in your (and your trees) best interest to think again. Storm damaged trees are costly, and a dangerous aftermath of unpredictable winter storms. Call a certified arborist today, before it’s too late!

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