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A Stormy Forecast: Tree Damage

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Have the recent summer storms in North and South Carolina, and exponential amounts of rain, done damage to your trees? The likelihood is great.

Many people fail to realize that trees fall and limbs break due to fundamental causes of distress. Distress can come in a variety of forms including, poor tree structure, root loss, deterioration, and root disease. A storm–felled tree has the ability to land on other trees, structures, cars, or personal property all which can be detrimental.

What should happen if a storm has come through and destroyed everything in its path? Take a deep breath; we’re here for you. Carolina Tree Care knows the importance of a quick response and having a 24 hour emergency system is essential. Carolina Tree Care professionals will perform the job in a safe manner while reducing the risk of additional loss.

Stand up against a stormy forecast. The key for storm damage prevention is annual tree health check-ups. Having a certified Arborist gauge the health and stability of trees gives confidence in knowing trees are in good health when Mother Nature brings the unexpected.

Take action before it’s too late.

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