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Pine Sawfly

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Are your pine trees looking sick, and heavy pine tree defoliation evident? Your pines could be suffering from a creepy crawler; otherwise known as, the Red Headed Pine Sawfly. The Red Headed Pine Sawfly feeds on both native and exotic pines, but prefers to lay its eggs on hard pines. What does the damage look like? Damage from the Sawfly is first evident on pines when reddish – brown needles start appearing, where once healthy needles once were. Once a larvae becomes older they begin to eat the  needle in its entirety and  will more than likely strip a branch full of foliage before moving to another needle.

Are you looking to stop the Red Headed Pine Sawfly in its track? Consulting a certified Arborist ensures your tree will get the best care when under attack. Pesticides may be recommended as the best course of action. The pesticide chemicals aid in destroying insects or other organisms harmful to cultivated plants or animals; a perfect match for the Sawfly.

Protect your pine tree health: Be on the lookout for the Red Headed Pine Sawfly worming around this season.


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