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Storm Protection in North Carolina for Hurricane Irma

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CHARLOTTE, NC – As Hurricane Irma heads towards the US, Carolina Tree Care plans for action. Hurricane Irma is expected to hit Florida with wind gusts of 100 to 150 mph, at this level of intensity, the winds potential to wreak havoc on power lines and trees is imminent. Storm protection is a must for any property preparing for a weather event. 

This week, Carolina Tree Care has prepared crew members for storm damage response by conducting storm safety meetings along with the weekly tailgate meetings. Storm damage clean up can be hazardous, and precautions must be taken. In North Carolina, Area Managers, General Foreman, and crew members discussed the importance of having a detailed plan of action in place before site clean-up occurs. As first responders to storm affected areas, safety is the number one priority.

How to prepare your trees before a storm arrives:

· Thin trees with large canopies.
· Avoid removing large limbs unless they are obstructing traffic, pedestrians, or are hazardous.
· Assess hazardous trees with a consulting arborist and plan accordingly before bad weather transpires.

About Carolina Tree Care: Carolina Tree Care is a team of preservationists who believe that trees are a crucial part of our existence. At CTC, we recognize that trees are of the utmost importance to the canopy and the history of our communities. We understand the value that your trees provide to you and your property emotionally, aesthetically and monetarily—and we partner with you to maximize that value. CTC is fully insured, TCIA accredited and run by an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist who employs a team of ISA-certified arborists and TCIA Certified Tree Care Safety Professionals. Carolina Tree Care is employee owned and a sister company of Lewis Tree Service, one of the largest utility vegetation management companies in North America. Learn more at   Irma Press Release

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