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Carolina Tree Care Launches ArborWISE

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Your Trees. Your Property. Our Passion. 

Our passion for trees and plants is the reason behind starting ArborWISE, a Certified Plant Health Care Program.

Help! I Need Somebody (for my Ambrosia Beetles)

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Did you know that Ambrosia beetles can infest and kill over 100 different kinds of plants? If your trees could sing Beatles tunes, we would rather they sang "I feel fine" than "Help! I need somebody . . ."

Sighted in Midland, NC: Dying Arborvitae

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Earlier this week, I headed out to a home in Midland, NC to assess some tree damage from Hurricane Michael. The homeowner had noticed that her arborvitae, which is typically a hardy evergreen, was quickly gaining brown leaves. Sure enough, signs of tree decay were clearly visible across her landscape. Given how quickly this condition can kill an arborvitae, the trees required the immediate attention of our plant health care technician. 

On This Seasons To-Do List: Fall Fertilization

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 This fall, deep root fertilization is at the top of our to-do list!

This Summer, Banish Bagworms for Good.

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Charlotte, NC – The  Bagworm Caterpillar is a tree pest seen year-after-year throughout Charlotte, Concord, Greensboro, and Raleigh, NC. Are your trees prepped and ready for these common creepy crawlers?

Uninvited Visitors: Woolly Aphids

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Revamp Your North Carolina Fall Landscape

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Fall is right around the corner; leaves quickly change colors, crisp air settles in, and autumn crops arrive. There's no doubt about it, fall is a beautiful time in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Pine Sawfly

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Are your pine trees looking sick, and heavy pine tree defoliation evident? Your pines could be suffering from a creepy crawler; otherwise known as, the Red Headed Pine Sawfly. The Red Headed Pine Sawfly feeds on both native and exotic pines, but prefers to lay its eggs on hard pines. What does the damage look like? Damage from the Sawfly is first evident on pines when reddish – brown needles start appearing, where once healthy needles once were. Once a larvae becomes older they begin to eat the  needle in its entirety and  will more than likely strip a branch full of foliage before moving to another needle.

Your Yard's New Year Resolutions Checklist 

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The new year is a great time to set goals for the upcoming year: When setting new year goals don't forget about your yard! In Charlotte, NC the winter months prove to be a perfect time to plan and execute for the upcoming spring months and soon blossoming trees. 
Your Yard's New Year Resolutions Checklist: 
  • Cable any weak or distressed trees to get ready for winter storms.
  • Prune any dead or diseased branches from trees.
  • Spray dormant oil on your fruit trees to protect from overwintering pests, larvae and eggs.
  • Clean your flower beds in preparation for the spring.
  • The winter is a great time to plant roses & bare root trees before spring arrives.

Safety First: Christmas Trees

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The holidays are right around the corner, and this time of year many enjoy beautiful evergreen trees inside the home. To keep safety at the forefront this holiday season, below are some tips to ensure your housing your Christmas tree in the safest manner possible.