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Is Too Much Rain A Bad Thing for Tree Roots?

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Charlotte, NC, has seen a fair share of rainfall these last few months. Has all this rain done more harm than good? The answer may be, yes. Too much rain may be hurting your plants and trees root systems. The main reason rain can be harmful is due to the fact that excessive rain deprives roots of the oxygen needed for survival, and a lack of oxygen in the soil doesn’t allow water or soil nutrients the opportunity to be absorbed.

Rainy conditions continuing for long periods of time creates an environment where deep tree roots eventually stop functioning properly and begin to die. Also, higher concentration of water in the soil means the roots are more vulnerable to attack by fungal organisms that cause root rot. Root rot infections are highly damaging and often times fatal. Keep in mind; rain is helpful in keeping plants alive and well, more times than not. However, speaking to the longevity of tree and plant needs, too much rain can prove detrimental to the tree root system and plant root system.

How can exponential amounts of rain be combated? One main way to combat Mother Nature is having a proper drainage system in place. Oftentimes, a drainage system may need to be installed. The main purpose of a drainage system is to help plants use the water needed and rid the excess. An additional way to combat against large amounts of rainfall is to choose plants that are adapted specifically to the area you live in. Having the right plants, in the right environment, is essential.

Rain is typically welcomed during hot, humid, Carolina months; however, too much rain can prove to do more harm than good. Want to read more about root rot in your area? North Carolina Cooperative Extension has a guide to diagnosing root diseases. 

Take a look at your yard today. If rain has damaged your plants, Carolina Tree Care is here to help!

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