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Staying Current on Electrical Hazards: Carolina Tree Care Takes Part in Annual EHAT

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Did you know that about half of all electrocution fatalities are from indirect contact? And that even a streetlamp circuit or phone line can have enough energy running through it to cause a fatality?

Those facts may not be top of mind for you, but they have to be for tree care professionals who work around power lines on a regular basis.

That's why continuous training, like our recent EHAT, is so important!

Get to Know David Whitley, ISA-Certified Arborist

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A new arborist has joined Carolina Tree Care. Say hello to David Whitley!

The Top 10 Blog Posts of 2021

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Have you been enjoying our blog posts as much as we've enjoyed writing them? We sure hope so! Our weekly posts will start up again in the new year, but until then, why not catch up on the blog posts you missed this year?

Browse through this roundup of the most popular blogs we published in 2021!

Get to Know Collin Kaval, Arborist Representative

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Carolina Tree Care has a new arborist representative covering the Concord, NC area — Collin Kaval!

Get to Know Stephen Mosko, Division Manager

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Say hello to Carolina Tree Care's new division manager, Stephen Mosko!

Get to Know Amanda D. Raymond, Marketing Specialist

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Hello! My name is Amanda D. Raymond, and I’m the new marketing specialist here at Carolina Tree Care. It’s a pleasure to meet you!

Get to Know Stephen Weil, Plant Health Care Manager

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Charlotte, NC - Stephen Weil has joined Carolina Tree Care (CTC) as the new Plant Health Care (PHC) Manager. PHC is a proactive approach to monitoring and maintaining the health of trees, shrubs, and groundcover. Optimal results are achieved through preventive care for stress management, frequent monitoring, and early detection of problems, informed decision making, and integrated treatments that provide long-term solutions. 

Free Video Consultation: Chat With Your Arborist In 4 Simple Steps

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Springtime has arrived and now is a great time to spruce up your landscape. We’re here to help with your next yard project! Our Certified Arborists are happy to conduct a free tree & plant consultation onsite or through video chat.

Carolina Tree Care Participates in Tree Industry Student Career Day

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Last week, our team had the privilege of participating in the world's largest Tree Care Industry Trade Show and Student Career Day.

Tree care companies from all over the country were represented in Pittsburgh, PA. The job and internship fair allowed students the opportunity to build industry knowledge and connections. As Industry experts, we were able to guide and share knowledge of what it means to be a tree care professional! 

The Student Career Day was packed with networking, education, and events. Ed O'Brien, Division Manager at Carolina Tree Care, assisted students at the Vertical Rope Ascent event. At the Vertical Rope Ascent, students were able to show off their rope and climbing skills through supervised instruction and timed exercises. 

Looking for a new career? 

Do you love being outdoors? Do you love the adventure and excitement of something new every day? Do you want to be an essential employee with the opportunity to grow your career?

Find out more information on our parent website Lewis Tree Service.

 Also, stay up to date with tree care industry related news. Check out Tree Care Industry Association for all the industry happenings.   

Caring for Our Community: Randleman, NC

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At the end of July, Carolina Tree Care had the privilege of caring for city trees in Randleman, NC. The city is best known as the home of Richard Petty, aka, "The King of Nascar." Charles Floyd, a Randleman native, is Senior Certified Arborist at Carolina Tree Care. Mr. Floyd worked with the City of Randleman to coordinate job specifics, manage the overall project, and ensure all job-safety protocol was followed from start to finish. “We are proud of the Randleman community and the historic trees the city has to offer," said Charles Floyd. Dylan Richardson, a Randleman native, and Sammy Fantauzzo, trimmed and pruned trees away from lights and walkways, increasing visibility throughout Randleman Commerce Square Park.  After completing tree work in the park, the two-man crew spent their afternoon pruning and dead wooding the Maple tree located off South Main Street right behind the famous, Richard Petty Monument. Thank you, City of Randleman, for letting us care for your trees!

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