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Is Chlorosis Behind Your Tree or Shrub's Pale Foliage?

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You've enjoyed watching your yard come back to life over the last few weeks. But wait a minute — are the once vibrant green leaves of your tree or shrub now a lot paler? It could be suffering from a condition called chlorosis.

What is chlorosis and how can you get your leaves their greenest green again? We've got the answers you're looking for!

Is Your Tree Bearing Too Much Fruit? Here's the Solution.

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Fruit-smeared sidewalks and driveways. A lawn covered in rotting fruit. An increase of rodents and birds.

If anything in that list made you groan, you're not alone.

Some trees and shrubs produce delicious fruit that a lot of people enjoy. Others grow fruit that are little more than nuisances.

If you're looking for a way to reduce the amount of fruit your tree or shrub produces every year, we have the solution for you!

How to Protect Your Trees This Winter

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Have you noticed that the same bugs plague your trees and shrubs year after year? It may be because although they may seem to disappear in the winter, they never really leave. Many insects actually hide away on or near your plants in the winter so that they can continue feasting in the spring.

Bugs have a lot of tricks for surviving Charlotte, NC winters. If you want to know how to protect your trees in the winter so you can cut down on tree pests in the spring, read on!

Should You be Fertilizing Your Trees?

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Find out if fall fertilization is a good investment for your trees!

Does the soil at your property have all of the nutrients your tree needs to thrive? If your tree is in an urban landscape, the answer is probably no. If you've noticed that your tree is growing slower than normal or not flowering per usual, a nutrient deficiency may be behind it all.

It's Time to Schedule Your Root Rehabilitation Service

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You know how important the soil around your tree is. It's where your tree gets water, oxygen, and nutrients. But if the soil around your tree has been compacted after machinery rolled through your yard during construction or just years of stomping feet, your tree may not be getting the nutrients it needs.

Our root rehabilitation service can breathe new life into soil and work wonders on your tree. If your trees seem to be struggling, the time to schedule root rehabilitation is now!

Treatment Spotlight: Plant Growth Regulators

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You have a gorgeous view from the bedroom of your Charlotte, NC home. That view was part of the reason why you fell in love with the property in the first place. You like the trees on the property, too, but now they're getting pretty tall. They're starting to threaten that beautiful view.

Pruning your tree is an option, but plant growth regulators (PGRs) can help, too. And PGRs can come with many more benefits than just controlling growth.

It's Time To Schedule Your Yard's Fall Fertilization

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Along with water and sunlight, nutrient rich fertilizer is critical in maintaining overall health and strength of trees. Routinely fertilizing trees in fall adds additional nourishment back into the soil after a long summer. The fall season is also a great time to ensure trees have all nutrients needed in preparation for the colder months ahead. Our favorite fall plant health care application to recommend and perform is Deep Root Fertilization. In this blog post we’ll share our top 4 reasons on why to deep root fertilize your trees! Check out our reasons why below! 

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