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It's Time To Schedule Your Yard's Fall Fertilization

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Along with water and sunlight, nutrient rich fertilizer is critical in maintaining overall health and strength of trees. Routinely fertilizing trees in fall adds additional nourishment back into the soil after a long summer. The fall season is also a great time to ensure trees have all nutrients needed in preparation for the colder months ahead. Our favorite fall plant health care application to recommend and perform is Deep Root Fertilization. In this blog post we’ll share our top 4 reasons on why to deep root fertilize your trees! Check out our reasons why below! 

4 reasons why we recommend deep root fertilization this fall

    • A tailored solution, injected directly into the root zone of tree. Having a tailored solution injected directly into the root zone of the tree is important because the solution determined by your Certified Arborist and our Plant Health Care manager is exactly what your tree needs and that solution goes exactly where your tree needs and that’s in the tree roots!
    • Deep root fertilization provides improved oxygen content in the root system. Just like oxygen is essential to us as humans, oxygen is essential to the well being of your trees.
    • Fertilization raises nutrient levels within the soil. A fertilized tree is typically a healthy tree. Added nutrients are key to maintaining tree health.
    • This treatment is typically recommended in the fall & spring. The fall and spring are both optimal treatment times for deep root fertilization because it is right before and right after a trees dormant season.

Sign up this August for your fall fertilization and receive a spring fertilization treatment for free!

Our Certified Arborists are ready to take care of your fall tree care needs! Call today at 704-788-8733 to learn more about fall fertilization and scheduling your Arborist consultation.



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