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8 Fall Landscape Tips You Don't Want to Miss!

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Goodbye summer, hello fall! It is time to start prepping your Carolina landscape for this year's autumn season. Below you will find 8 tips on how to prep your trees and plants before cooler temperatures arrive! 

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  • Tip #1: If bamboo has spread rapidly throughout your backyard, fall is the perfect time to tackle! Prune bamboo in early fall to minimize spreading. Bamboo is a tree that does not take long to spread and spreads wildly. If you cut bamboo yourself and do not remove the entire stalk from the ground this can become a hazard. Once cut, bamboo stalks are very sharp. 
  • Tip #2: Plant trees, shrubs, and perennials to develop a strong root system. Fall planting is ideal. When you plant in the fall trees, shrubs, and perennials start developing their roots during the dormant season. This is the perfect time for them to establish roots and grow before blooming in the spring.  
  • Tip #3: Collect fallen leaves and recycle to a compost bin. Fallen leaves make a great addition to any compost pile!
  • Tip #4: Trim and prune deadwood out of trees in your yard. If you spot dying or dead branches that would be deadwood. Deadwood in trees can harm the overall tree health. Regularly remove deadwood to ensure healthy branches. 
  • Tip #5: Cable weakened tree limbs before winter ice storms occur. The fall season is a great time to prepare your trees and plants before winter ice occurs.
  • Tip #6: After leaves drop, give your trees one last deep watering for the season. During hot summer months, it's easy to remember your trees needs water but trees also need water during the fall and winter, just not as often. 
  • Tip #7: Prune plants. If you have perennials, cut close to the ground. 
  • Tip #8: Inspect trees and plants on your property for potential hazards. 

    8 fall tips


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