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Raleigh, NC, the City of Oaks

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Raleigh, NC is widely known for being the Capital of North Carolina. However, here at Carolina Tree Care, we find it equally impressive that Raleigh is also known as the City of Oaks. 

A staple for Raleigh are beautiful Oaks that cover many of the streets and parks. According to Visit Raleigh, “The city’s founding fathers called Raleigh 'City of Oaks,' and dedicated themselves to maintaining the area’s wooded tracts and grassy parks.”

Oak Leaves

Oaks are a common tree to all of NC and easily identifiable. The easiest way to spot an oak tree look to see if the tree produces acorns. If the tree produces acorns, it is an oak! Other key indicators of oaks include bearing a variety of lobed shaped leaves and scaley bark. Oaks are considered to be a sturdy and strong tree, known to live hundreds of years. Below are commonly found oak trees we see across North Carolina 

  • White Oak: This type of oak grows anywhere in the state as long as the soil is not soggy.
  • Scarlet Oak: Type of oak best known for red fall foliage. 
  • Water Oak: Grows rapidly with a full canopy, a great shade tree for any backyard. 
  • Pin Oak: Keeps brown foliage throughout winter and bears low hanging branches.
  • Willow Oak: A great shade and residential tree. 
  • Live Oak: One of the more slower growing oaks. The majority of live oaks are found in Eastern North Carolina. 

Want to learn more about other common trees found in North Carolina? Check out the trees that made our Top 10 list! If you are looking to plant trees in your yard, our certified arborists will  be happy to work alongside you to create a planting plan that best suits your yard and soil type! Learn more by speaking with your areas arborist representative today. 

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