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Get to Know Amanda D. Raymond, Marketing Specialist

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Hello! My name is Amanda D. Raymond, and I’m the new marketing specialist here at Carolina Tree Care. It’s a pleasure to meet you!

Amanda D. Raymond, marketing specialist for Carolina Tree Care

Before this gig, I worked as a copywriter and editor for a marketing firm in Charlotte. I got to write and edit websites for a wide variety of small businesses all across America. Now, I get to focus my talents on promoting Carolina Tree Care and all the great things our company can do for the community.

So, what does that mean? Basically, I’ll be your eyes and ears when it comes to tree services, Plant Health Care (PHC), and the general activities happening here at Carolina Tree Care. When it’s time to schedule fertilization treatments, I’ll let you know. When you’re trying to decide whether you should get rid of the leaning tree in your backyard, I can offer some guidance. I’ll be keeping our social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram), website, and blog updated with research-based information that will help you keep your beautiful trees in top shape.

By the way, stay tuned for a new blog post coming soon about a summer tree pest you may need to schedule treatment for ASAP! 

Brucey, beloved pet rabbit

Some other things you might find interesting about me: I graduated from UNC Chapel Hill (go Heels!) in 2015 with a degree in journalism, a second major in psychology, and a minor in English literature. On a typical weekend, you’ll probably find me reading, binge-watching a show on Netflix or practicing violin. And I have a dwarf bunny named Brucey who loves to nudge at my feet as he hops around. 

My goal is to provide you with timely, practical tree information so your trees continue to thrive. If Carolina Tree Care is the first name you think of when you need answers to a tree-related problem or you have a tree issue you need resolved right away, that means I’m doing my job right!

Be sure to follow Carolina Tree Care all over the web and visit our site frequently so you stay in the know!



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