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Help! I Need Somebody (for my Ambrosia Beetles)

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Did you know that Ambrosia beetles can infest and kill over 100 different kinds of plants? If your trees could sing Beatles tunes, we would rather they sang "I feel fine" than "Help! I need somebody . . ."

Ambrosia beetles can be found in the Carolinas and can be very damaging to landscapes. These beetles tunnel into trees, where they create fungal gardens that serve as food for larva and adult beetles. Major signals of an infestation are toothpick-like strands protruding from host plants (see the first photo below) and sap oozing from the tunnel entrances and branches (see second photo below).

What happens when spring hits North and South Carolina? Adult ambrosia beetles spend winter within their host tree, and emerge in the spring searching for a new tree to attack. And this is one of the best reasons to maintain healthy trees: Ambrosia beetles are attracted to stressed or sick trees, which introduce the ambrosia fungus that can disrupt the tree’s vascular system. 

Won't you please, please help me? 

How to Stop Ambrosia Beetles

The best control method to stop ambrosia beetles from attacking your trees and ruining your landscape is to preserve the health of your trees. That is where Carolina Tree Care comes in! We provide plant health care for all shapes and sizes. We provide specific treatments that are based on the type of tree, type of pest, time of year, and stage of disease.

Ambrosia beetles may look like harmless insects, but they are anything but safe. They can damage and kill your trees rapidly. Keeping your plants healthy is very important and crucial to the upkeep of your landscape!

Come together, right now, for preventative maintenance.* 

Ambrosia Beetle Leaving Toothpick Like Strands on Stressed Tree Sap Oozing from Ambrosia Beetle Fungal Garden on Tree in North Carolina

*Yes, we switched songs! Let it be? 

Check out our Tree Bugs page for more information.

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