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Here's to Blooming Azaleas (and Days) Ahead

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It’s Friday! I had to check my phone to see what day it was so thought maybe you’d like an update as well. Speaking of updates. . .I have a blooming one for you!

AZALEAS are in BLOOM around North and South Carolina. Seriously, what a treat?! Right now, these hardy and vibrant shrubs are showing off some incredible colored flowers. These stunners are not only appealing in our eyes but also in the eyes of some "good" and “bad” bugs.

One “bad” bug to keep on the lookout for is Lace bug. No insult meant for the Lace bug community, but they’ve been showing some serious disrespect to my blooming azaleas. Hidden on the underside of leaves, they think they’re sly, but tend leave to small black dots showing us exactly where they fed on the poor azaleas. . .They should really work on covering their tracks a little better. Here’s some visual evidence of those poorly covered tracks:

Lace Bugs On Azaleas

Next time you’re taking a stroll in your yard (if you’re like me it’s every day because. . .well. . . sheltering in my yard) check in with your prized azaleas. If they’re struggling in appearance (aren’t we all) let’s lend a hand.Azalea Shrub

I’m not an Arborist, but thankful to work alongside some incredible ones at Carolina Tree Care. When I asked them how to save my blossoming beauties they very kindly told me my idea of spraying them with vinegar would absolutely not work (appreciate you Google.) They recommended an insecticide treatment and ensured me with this type of treatment Lace bugs didn’t stand a chance and my azaleas would thrive. If you're like me and would like to talk to Certified Arborist and not just Google, I've got you covered. Easily, do so now. Here's to keeping vinegar rightfully in the kitchen and Lace bugs far away from flowering azaleas!

Wishing you beautifully blooming azaleas and days ahead. 

Your friend,