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How Much Does Stump Grinding Cost In NC?

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Buyer beware: The prices for tree removal quoted by your local mom-and-pop tree service may not include the cost of stump grinding or stump removal. Stump grinding is typically factored at $2.5–$3 per inch but may be less expensive if the stump is rotting and easier to grind.

Price of Stumps

Following are some average prices to provide high-level guidance. As always, our professional arborists are more than happy to provide you with a free estimate for your specific tree(s).

    • 1″ to 12″ diameter: $225
    • 12″ to 24″ diameter: $525
    • 24″ to 36″ diameter: $550
    • 36″ to 48″ diameter: $575
    • 60″+ diameter: $600+

stump grinder

There’s good news for the DIY folks out there, Carolina Tree Care is available for stump grinding services only. Depending on the size and depth of your tree stump, it may be more economical (not to mention safer and easier!) than renting a stump grinding machine for the day.

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