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One Small Insect, One Giant Threat

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If you've found beetles among your yard and in your garden, you're not alone. In the summertime we typically see Japanese Beetles are out in full force around Concord, Charlotte, Greensboro, and Raleigh. Japanese beetles have a shiny metallic green look to them and can be found throughout trees and plants. 


To protect your trees and plants against beetles, we suggest an insecticide treatment via foliar spray. A foliar spray is sprayed directly on the tree leaves (where the beetles feed) and tree bark. Once the treatment has been applied, you'll see control beginning within 1-2 days and this type of treatment lasts up to 4 weeks.

Japanese beetles feed on leaves, flowers, and/or fruit of more than 300 species of plants. Feeding occurs for 6-8 weeks so it is important to continue treatment until their numbers decrease. We recommend a foliar treatment every four weeks to ensure control continues.  Since the beetles must ingest the foliage for the insecticide to work, you may still see some damage to the leaves. However, the amount of damage will be greatly reduced. Right now (late spring to early summer) is the correct time to treat for Japanese Beetles. 


Your areas certified arborist are happy to come out to your property to take a look and see if Japanese beetles are attacking your trees and plants. Your areas Arborist representative will take a look at the trees in question before determining a treatment plan. If Japanese Beetles are present on your property treatment can be applied by our certified technicians starting the control process. If you would like to schedule an ArborWISE consultation or book an insecticide treatment, we are here for your property's trees and plants. We look forward to speaking with you today! 

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