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Tree Industry Safety Means Having Right Tools for the Job

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Precise and controlled, the newest member of Carolina Tree Care team takes your tree service to the next level all with a remote control.

As a professional Tree Service Provider, in every aspect of the job from start to finish, we look for new and innovative ways to become safer. Looking for new ways to be safe in the tree industry is exactly what attracted Carolina Tree Care to the main design function of Altec’s boom-mounted grapple saw. This one remote-controlled piece of equipment, called the Heartland, transforms the way tree removal services are performed by working smarter, not harder and eliminating the risk that comes with putting a person in a tree.

In providing great tree service throughout North Carolina, while keeping the community as well as employees at the forefront, Carolina Tree Care has completed the only Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) Safety Credentialing Program (CTSP) in the industry and year after year continues to reevaluate the safety culture. From chainsaw chaps, to protective eye goggles, to large machinery, we ensure each tool adds a heightened level of protection to every job. After viewing the mechanics of Altec’s Heartland and level of risk it removes in performing tree work being sold on this specific remote controlled saw was immediate. (Click here to see the Altec Heartland in action!)  

Altec’s remote controlled boom mounted saw is a tool transforming the Tree Industry and the Carolina Tree Care operation. Carolina Tree Care’s Residential/Commercial Division is excited to bring this one-of-a-kind tool to locations in North Carolina; including, Charlotte, Concord, Greensboro, and Raleigh. 

Have a tree, you think would be perfect for the Altec Heartland?  Contact Us

When it comes to tree work being performed on your property, the Ultimate Guide to Hiring the Right Tree Service will equip you through every stage; starting with the initial consultation, to estimate, to job completion, ensure there no surprises.   


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