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Should You be Fertilizing Your Trees?

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Find out if fall fertilization is a good investment for your trees!

Does the soil at your property have all of the nutrients your tree needs to thrive? If your tree is in an urban landscape, the answer is probably no. If you've noticed that your tree is growing slower than normal or not flowering per usual, a nutrient deficiency may be behind it all.

Nutrient deficiencies are common in urban landscapes because the soil is usually highly altered. Activities such as raking leaves can also lead to a nutrient deficiency because doing so reduces the amount of organic matter returning to the soil.

Trees typically need 16-19 essential elements to function, depending on the species. An element is deemed essential if a tree can't complete its life cycle without it and it's directly involved in the tree's growth.

Slow growth and reduced flowering and/or fruiting may be signs of a nutrient deficiency. Your tree may also need fertilizer if its foliage is...

  • Pale, yellow, and/or off-color
  • Smaller than usual
  • Changing color and dropping early

Leaves that are smaller than usual may be a sign that your tree needs fertilizer.

Fall is a great time to fertilize your trees. If you've noticed any of the issues in the list above, get in touch with our ISA-certified arborist in Charlotte, NC to find out if fertilization is a good option for your trees.

Our certified arborist can evaluate your tree and the surrounding environment to determine whether your tree could benefit from fertilization treatments. There are several ways to fertilize a tree, but we go with soil-injection because it's quick and it delivers missing nutrients right to the roots. Soil-injection also prevents turf competition and reduces surface runoff and unintended product loss that can be associate with surface broadcast methods.

Now that fall is officially underway, talk to a certified arborist about your tree's fertilization needs. Request a consultation today to get started.


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