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Community Spotlight: St. James Plantation in Southport, NC

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This summer, ArborWISE by Carolina Tree Care technicians headed to the Carolina coast to care for St. James Plantation located in Southport, NC. The overall goal is to maintain healthy trees and soil throughout the community with an emphasis on pine tree protection. 


Through our ArborWISE by Carolina Tree Care program, we manage the health of your plants and trees and the conditions around them to ensure they're not vulnerable to disease. With over ten years of Plant Health Care (PHC) experience, our knowledgeable team provides a complete analysis of your specific tree and soil environments along with a comprehensive tree protection and monitoring plan.

Below are common trees and related pests we see throughout NC that are treated through the ArborWISE program.  

  • Crepe myrtle trees
    • Japanese beetles and aphids  
  • Azaleas 
    • Lace bugs 
  • Red maple trees 
    • Gloomy scale 
  • Willow trees and water oaks 
    • Lecanium scale 
  • Ash trees 
    • Emerald ash borer (EAB)
  • Leland Cypress trees
    • Bagworm, seiridium canker, and box canker
  • Boxwood trees 
    • Leaf miner and spider mites
  • Camellia trees 
    • Tea scale and cottony camellia scale 

We care to protect your plants and trees from common pests. To learn more, speak with one of our certified arborists, today!

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