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Yard Goals: A Blossoming 2020

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We hope you had a wonderful New Year's Day! The start of a new year brings a great opportunity to examine your yard's tree and plant goals. See what made our list of the top 5 goals to tackle this winter, listed below! We wish you a blossoming 2020 full of trees and plants that are always #YardGoals worthy.

Top 5 Goals To Tackle This Winter:

tree cabling graphic Cable any weak or distressed trees before winter storms arrive. Cabling gives trees extra support especially is there is winter snow and ice. Sometimes trees need extra support for a large canopy. A tree cable does just that give support like an extra limb would.


tree pruning graphic Prune dead or diseased branches from trees. Pruning any dead or diseased limbs away from the tree helps support a tree to continue to grow healthy and strong.



Dormant OilProtect from overwintering pests, larvae, and eggs by spraying dormant oil on your fruit trees. Dormant oil is something we recommend during cold winter months to help the tree thrive come spring. Dormant oil also locks in additional moisture that may be needed during the winter season.



Flower Bed Prep graphic

Clean your flower beds in preparation for spring. The wintertime is a great opportunity to prepare your yard for the upcoming spring. Cleaning out flower beds and raking leaves can take place during winter so come spring you’re ready to plant!



Rose planting graphic The winter is a great time to plant roses & bare root trees before warm temperatures arrive. A lot of planting does not typically take place in the winter; however, it is the right time to plant some certain types of foliage. This includes roses and bare root trees.


If you'd like to speak to a Certified Arborist regarding an annual treatment plan for your yard, we're standing by and ready to take your call. Cheers to the year ahead! 


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