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Elm Leaf Beetle: An Incoming Spring Tree Pest

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During the fall, and maybe a few times this winter, you may have seen small, dark green beetles in your home. If what you saw were elm leaf beetles, you may see the same bugs in your trees this spring.

It isn't too early to schedule a spring plant health care treatment to control elm leaf beetles!

Yes, You Should Be Pruning Your Trees

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Schedule regular pruning for your young to medium-aged trees in Charlotte, NC

Did you know that a tree with codominant trunks or branches is often much weaker structurally than one with a dominant central trunk and good branch architecture? And a tree with a poor structure is usually the first to fail during storms.

An important part of ensuring your tree remains structurally sound as it grows into maturity is regular structural pruning. And winter is one of the best times to do it.

The Top 10 Blog Posts of 2021

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Have you been enjoying our blog posts as much as we've enjoyed writing them? We sure hope so! Our weekly posts will start up again in the new year, but until then, why not catch up on the blog posts you missed this year?

Browse through this roundup of the most popular blogs we published in 2021!

Fraser Firs: An NC Christmas Tree Favorite

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If you love picking up a live Christmas tree to decorate your Concord, NC home for the holiday season, Fraser firs will be among your many options. Many Christmas tree farms and lots have them pre-cut and delivered from the mountains.

According to the Christmas Tree Association, 94% of all the trees grown in the state as Christmas trees are Fraser firs. Why are Fraser firs such a popular choice? Let's break it down.

5 Evergreens You Should Plant for More Privacy

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It's hard to completely relax in your yard if you're afraid the neighbors might be peeking in on you. Fortunately, there are plenty of evergreen trees and shrubs that can obscure the view into your Charlotte, NC property year-round!

We've put together a list of five evergreen trees and shrubs you can add to your property if you want to increase privacy and reduce noise pollution, too.

Get to Know Collin Kaval, Arborist Representative

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Carolina Tree Care has a new arborist representative covering the Concord, NC area — Collin Kaval!

Uh-Oh, Your Evergreen is Losing its Needles. Should You Be Worried?

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As you're raking up the red and golden colored leaves that have fallen from your deciduous trees, you may notice some brown needles from your evergreens on the ground as well. After a closer inspection, you may see some foliage browning toward the interior of your evergreens.

But evergreens are supposed to stay green all year, right? Is that browning and shedding a sign of a sick tree, or is it normal?

Keep reading to find out!

Are You Signed Up for ArborWISE Yet?

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Join Carolina Tree Care's proactive plant health care program

You know the trees and shrubs on your property are an investment worth protecting because they add value and beauty to your property. You also know that those same trees could become a liability if pests or soil issues weakened their structural integrity.

You don't have to take a "wait and see" approach when it comes to the health of your trees and shrubs. And you don't have to become an expert in plant health care, either.

Just partner with one.

Carolina Tree Care's ArborWISE program is here to make your life a whole lot easier and your trees and shrubs a whole lot healthier.

Act Now to Protect Your Pines from Bark Beetles

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Who doesn't love a tall, full pine tree? They provide shade, block wind, and increase the privacy of our properties. They also make a nice home for birds and other small animals and perfume the air with their wonderful scent.

If you love your pines, there's something you can do to keep them standing strong and tall: take measures to prevent a bark beetle infestation.

Get to Know Stephen Mosko, Division Manager

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Say hello to Carolina Tree Care's new division manager, Stephen Mosko!

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