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Mushroom-Producing Fungi: Friends or Foes of Trees?

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And 4 Types of Wood Decay Fungi You Need to Look out For

One of the top reasons to cut down a tree is because it's either dead or dying. No one wants a tree to fall and damage their property, and sometimes the risk just isn't worth it.

Wood decay fungi cause wood rot that weakens trees and can lead to tree failure, and many times they produce fruiting bodies in the form of mushrooms or conks to let you know they're present. But does seeing any type of mushroom or conk on or near your tree mean it has to come down? Maybe not.

Every Rose Has Its Thorn - and Its Japanese Beetles

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What's metallic, has six legs, and is ruining your prized roses? You guessed it - the Japanese beetle. These insects have been plaguing gardens around the country since the early 1900s, and they're back for more this summer.

Will Your Trees Make It Through Hurricane Season?

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There are few things worse than having a towering tree come crashing down on your property. Not only would you lose a treasured tree, but you'd also have to deal with cleanup and repairs.

The bad news: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has predicted an above-normal Atlantic hurricane season (they predicted the same thing in 2020, and it ended up being the most active and fifth costliest hurricane season to date). And with the high winds and heavy rains those storms may bring, some trees could reach their breaking point.

The good news: There are steps you can take to make your trees more hurricane resistant.

The 7 Mistakes You're Making When Watering Your Trees

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Did you know Cabarrus, Mecklenburg, Guilford, Orange, and Durham counties are all experiencing abnormally dry conditions according to the U.S. Drought Monitor?

During dry conditions like these, it's important to make sure your trees are still getting the moisture they need. But if you're making these seven tree watering mistakes, you may be doing more harm than good.

Here's How to Treat Warm Season Spider Mites

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Your azaleas are some of your most prized landscape features. Every year, they brighten up your yard with vivid colors and fill your outdoor paradise with their delightful aroma.

The flowers of your azalea plants look lovely, but the leaves - not so much. They have strange, tiny dots on them. Wondering what's wrong with your azalea leaves? Keep reading.

Imported Willow Leaf Beetle: The Black Beetles Turning Leaves Brown

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Attention willow tree parents! Have you noticed shiny black or blue beetles on your willow's leaves? Our experts have spotted imported willow leaf beetles in the Fort Mill, SC area. Read up on these beetles to figure out if you need to act.

Get to Know Amanda D. Raymond, Marketing Specialist

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Hello! My name is Amanda D. Raymond, and I’m the new marketing specialist here at Carolina Tree Care. It’s a pleasure to meet you!

The Winter Tree Project You'll Want to Finish in These Next 6 Weeks

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This week, the groundhog saw its shadow. That means six more weeks of winter. Even though it will be a little longer until warm spring days (sigh), there is now a little extra time to complete those tree projects that are best to tackle during winter. These projects include protecting trees and plants with horticultural oil, winter tree pruning, and tree cabling. Below is helpful information on tree cabling. (See here info on horticultural oil and winter tree pruning.) In these next six weeks, take a look at how well trees on your property are doing structurally. Seeing the full structure of a tree is more difficult once leaves emerge. So, take advantage of this opportunity in the next six weeks!

How to Protect Your Trees This Winter

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Protect your trees during the cold winter months. Horticultural oils, otherwise known as dormant oils, are an ideal preventative measure to take in winter. Oils work by suffocating insects and larvae. The sprayed oil clogs their spiracles (i.e., breathing pores). Also, the oil dries out their exoskeletons. To note oil only affects the development process of certain insects. They are environmentally friendly and less harmful to predators than other techniques.

It's Time to Schedule Your Winter Tree Inspection & Pruning

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During winter, when deciduous trees shed their leaves, it’s the best time to see the architecture and branch structure of a tree. This makes winter the perfect time for tree inspection and structural pruning. And there is less pressure in the winter from tree pests and pathogens which allows us to do our jobs more effectively.