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We're Your 24 Hour Storm Response Specialist

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Please stay safe, alert, and prepared as North Carolina experiences severe weather. According to A severe thunderstorm is "by definition is a thunderstorm that produces one inch hail or larger in diameter and/or winds equal or exceed 58 miles an hour." 

A Gloomy Situation for Maples

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New Pest to the Southeastern US: Crape Myrtle Bark Scale

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Crape myrtle is a popular tree found across the Carolinas. If you have crape myrtles in your yard, there's a new insect pest that could be altering the overall health of your trees. The insect pest is known as crape myrtle bark scale and infestations are on the rise. Our Certified Arborists have already spotted this scale throughout neighborhoods in Concord, Charlotte, and Lake Norman NC. Keep on the lookout, below are signs of how this bark scale is showing up in crape myrtles! 

Yard Goals: A Blossoming 2020

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We hope you had a wonderful New Year's Day! The start of a new year brings a great opportunity to examine your yard's tree and plant goals. See what made our list of the top 5 goals to tackle this winter, listed below! We wish you a blossoming 2020 full of trees and plants that are always #YardGoals worthy.

Prep Your Trees Before Winter Storms Arrive

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Tree Pricing Questions Answered

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We know. We’ve heard all of the horror stories of sticker shock, too! “I just got a quote to take my trees down for $15,000. That’s one semester of my child’s college education.”

Top 4 Indicators of Lightning Struck Trees

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This year has seen its fair share of storms. Storms can cause serious damage to trees and plants. Lightning associated with storms often wreaks havoc on plants and trees. Lightning damage can show up in a variety of ways; however, there are four indicators seen most frequently in trees across Concord, Charlotte, Greensboro, and Raleigh NC. 

Carolina Tree Care Participates in Tree Industry Student Career Day

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Last week, our team had the privilege of participating in the world's largest Tree Care Industry Trade Show and Student Career Day.

Tree care companies from all over the country were represented in Pittsburgh, PA. The job and internship fair allowed students the opportunity to build industry knowledge and connections. As Industry experts, we were able to guide and share knowledge of what it means to be a tree care professional! 

The Student Career Day was packed with networking, education, and events. Ed O'Brien, Division Manager at Carolina Tree Care, assisted students at the Vertical Rope Ascent event. At the Vertical Rope Ascent, students were able to show off their rope and climbing skills through supervised instruction and timed exercises. 

Looking for a new career? 

Do you love being outdoors? Do you love the adventure and excitement of something new every day? Do you want to be an essential employee with the opportunity to grow your career?

Find out more information on our parent website Lewis Tree Service.

 Also, stay up to date with tree care industry related news. Check out Tree Care Industry Association for all the industry happenings.   

Your Next DIY Project: Tree Banding

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Charlotte, NC is known to have severe cankerworm infestations. The cankerworm has a four-stage life: egg, pupa, larva, and adult. After mating in December, the female moths crawl up trees to lay eggs on twigs and small branches. As leaves come out in the spring the eggs hatch leaving some caterpillars to feed on the leaves. Cankerworms on their own typically do not kill trees; however, repeated defoliation weakens trees leaving them susceptible to other stresses. It is important not to wait until spring to fight cankerworms. If you're looking for Residential Tree Services we have you covered. We can band your trees or can walk you through the process if you'd like to tackle this project yourself. 

Improve Your View with Vista Pruning

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At Carolina Tree Care, we take a customized approach to your tree trimming and pruning needs. We may be removing dead branches to promote tree health or healthy branches to improve a view. We may be shaping trees purely for aesthetic purposes or correcting structural imperfections to promote longevity. We may be training a young tree to grow properly or removing diseased limbs that have an insect infestation. Trimming and pruning is tailored to your trees needs.