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Don't Let Fallen Tree Leaves Go to Waste

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Turn leaves into mulch for your trees and shrubs

Fall is well underway, friends! The weather is cooling down, the scent of pumpkin spice is in the air, and the leaves are blessing the Concord, NC area with brilliant shades of gold and red. Unfortunately, those same leaves will soon be blanketing our yards.

Instead of bagging up those leaves and sending them to a landfill, why not put them to good use? This fall, turn your fallen leaves into free mulch that you can use around your landscape.

Should You be Fertilizing Your Trees?

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Find out if fall fertilization is a good investment for your trees!

Does the soil at your property have all of the nutrients your tree needs to thrive? If your tree is in an urban landscape, the answer is probably no. If you've noticed that your tree is growing slower than normal or not flowering per usual, a nutrient deficiency may be behind it all.

Free Your Tree's Root Flare

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Updated September 20, 2021

You picked out the perfect tree from your local garden center in Concord, NC. You may have broken a sweat, but you're finally done digging and ready to settle your tree down into the hole. The tree was pretty deeply planted in the garden center's container — should you plant just as deeply? Definitely not.

Planting a tree too deep and covering up its root flare can lead to a whole host of problems. But don't worry — if your tree's root flare is covered by dirt or mulch, there are ways to fix the issue.

It's Time to Schedule Your Root Rehabilitation Service

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You know how important the soil around your tree is. It's where your tree gets water, oxygen, and nutrients. But if the soil around your tree has been compacted after machinery rolled through your yard during construction or just years of stomping feet, your tree may not be getting the nutrients it needs.

Our root rehabilitation service can breathe new life into soil and work wonders on your tree. If your trees seem to be struggling, the time to schedule root rehabilitation is now!

Want to Turn Your Yard into a Pollinator Paradise This Spring?

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Plant these trees and shrubs during autumn to attract more butterflies and hummingbirds

Who doesn't want to watch colorful butterflies and hummingbirds flitter from flower to flower in their yard? Those lovely pollinators can really make a yard or garden come alive, in more ways than one.

If you want to attract more butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinators to your yard in Charlotte, NC, we've got the tips and plant recommendations that you need!

Treatment Spotlight: Plant Growth Regulators

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You have a gorgeous view from the bedroom of your Charlotte, NC home. That view was part of the reason why you fell in love with the property in the first place. You like the trees on the property, too, but now they're getting pretty tall. They're starting to threaten that beautiful view.

Pruning your tree is an option, but plant growth regulators (PGRs) can help, too. And PGRs can come with many more benefits than just controlling growth.

Trees: Nature's Stormwater Management Tools

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We're no strangers to flooding here in the Concord, NC area. Maybe you've watched as rain waters rushed down the street. Maybe you've despaired as downpours turned your lawn into a muddy disaster.

Did you know trees are excellent at reducing the stormwater runoff that can lead to flooding and erosion? It's just another reason why we should plant more trees and keep the trees we already have in good shape.

Cool Season Spider Mite FAQ

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Did your plant leaves look weird over the summer? Maybe you looked closely at them and noticed little discolored spots. Sounds like that may have been the work of spider mites.

You might expect that damage to subside as most insects and arachnids go dormant for the winter. But as warm season spider mites take a break, cool season spider mites wake up to take their turn at the leaves of your trees and shrubs.

If you want to reduce cool season spider mite damage at your Concord, NC property this fall, now's the time to schedule treatment.

Why Fall is a Great Time to Plant a Tree

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Trees provide beauty and shade to any property in Concord, Charlotte, and beyond, They can also add more privacy to your property and help you save energy. Who wouldn't want trees in their yard?

You don't have to wait until spring to plant new tree saplings. In fact, fall is sometimes a better time of year to plant trees. We'll tell you why, but first, let's talk about why spring may not be the best time for your new trees to take root.

Got Fall Webworms? Worry No More.

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We're sure you've seen it: Trees with branches covered in dirty webbing. The branches of your own trees may have been covered in webs at one point. If not, they may be in the future.

What's behind it all? It may be tiny, 1 1/2 inch caterpillars called fall webworms.

If your tree gets covered in webbing this summer, don't panic! It may seem alarming, but your tree probably isn't in danger if fall webworms are the culprits.