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How to Install Mulch Like a Professional

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There's no doubt that a mulch installation is one of the most beneficial things you can do to keep your trees healthy. But you know what they say about too much of a good thing. Well, the same is true for mulch.

This week, we're giving you tips on how to install mulch properly so you don't end up causing more harm than good.

Buying a House? 3 Reasons Why You NEED an ISA-Certified Arborist to Inspect the Trees

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Guest blog post from Freedom Home Services for Carolina Tree Care

By Hannah Mayhorn

So — you've gone under contract on a house and booked your home inspection. Now there's nothing left to do except negotiate repairs, get an appraisal, and sign the closing documents after the underwriter approves everything — right?

Before you put your to-do list away, there's one more essential appointment to book.

If You're Worried About Tree Failure, Schedule This Service

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A tree risk assessment can provide insight into the condition of your tree

Recent winter storms may have you more concerned about your trees than usual. Did the last storm weaken your trees? Are your trees stable enough to withstand the next one?

A tree risk assessment can give you some clarity.

Winter is a great time to inspect and evaluate your trees for risk. Read on to learn more about the value of tree risk assessments.

Yes, You Should Be Pruning Your Trees

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Schedule regular pruning for your young to medium-aged trees in Charlotte, NC

Did you know that a tree with codominant trunks or branches is often much weaker structurally than one with a dominant central trunk and good branch architecture? And a tree with a poor structure is usually the first to fail during storms.

An important part of ensuring your tree remains structurally sound as it grows into maturity is regular structural pruning. And winter is one of the best times to do it.

Uh-Oh, Your Evergreen is Losing its Needles. Should You Be Worried?

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As you're raking up the red and golden colored leaves that have fallen from your deciduous trees, you may notice some brown needles from your evergreens on the ground as well. After a closer inspection, you may see some foliage browning toward the interior of your evergreens.

But evergreens are supposed to stay green all year, right? Is that browning and shedding a sign of a sick tree, or is it normal?

Keep reading to find out!

Are You Signed Up for ArborWISE Yet?

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Join Carolina Tree Care's proactive plant health care program

You know the trees and shrubs on your property are an investment worth protecting because they add value and beauty to your property. You also know that those same trees could become a liability if pests or soil issues weakened their structural integrity.

You don't have to take a "wait and see" approach when it comes to the health of your trees and shrubs. And you don't have to become an expert in plant health care, either.

Just partner with one.

Carolina Tree Care's ArborWISE program is here to make your life a whole lot easier and your trees and shrubs a whole lot healthier.

Don't Let Fallen Tree Leaves Go to Waste

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Turn leaves into mulch for your trees and shrubs

Fall is well underway, friends! The weather is cooling down, the scent of pumpkin spice is in the air, and the leaves are blessing the Concord, NC area with brilliant shades of gold and red. Unfortunately, those same leaves will soon be blanketing our yards.

Instead of bagging up those leaves and sending them to a landfill, why not put them to good use? This fall, turn your fallen leaves into free mulch that you can use around your landscape.

Free Your Tree's Root Flare

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Updated September 20, 2021

You picked out the perfect tree from your local garden center in Concord, NC. You may have broken a sweat, but you're finally done digging and ready to settle your tree down into the hole. The tree was pretty deeply planted in the garden center's container — should you plant just as deeply? Definitely not.

Planting a tree too deep and covering up its root flare can lead to a whole host of problems. But don't worry — if your tree's root flare is covered by dirt or mulch, there are ways to fix the issue.

Trees: Nature's Stormwater Management Tools

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We're no strangers to flooding here in the Concord, NC area. Maybe you've watched as rain waters rushed down the street. Maybe you've despaired as downpours turned your lawn into a muddy disaster.

Did you know trees are excellent at reducing the stormwater runoff that can lead to flooding and erosion? It's just another reason why we should plant more trees and keep the trees we already have in good shape.

Why Fall is a Great Time to Plant a Tree

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Trees provide beauty and shade to any property in Concord, Charlotte, and beyond, They can also add more privacy to your property and help you save energy. Who wouldn't want trees in their yard?

You don't have to wait until spring to plant new tree saplings. In fact, fall is sometimes a better time of year to plant trees. We'll tell you why, but first, let's talk about why spring may not be the best time for your new trees to take root.

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