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4 Headaches You Can Avoid by Grinding Your Stumps

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You did it. You finally closed on your new home! It may not be perfect, but you're ready to make it that way. One possible imperfection: the tree stumps in your yard. Should you get rid of them or just leave them be? Here are a few reasons why tree stump grinding could be better in the long run.

Tree stump

Tree removal and stump grinding are separate services at Carolina Tree Care. When we remove a tree, we use a chainsaw to cut the stump so that it's flush with the ground. If you add stump grinding to the job, we'll use specialized machinery with cutting heads to go below ground level. We'll also grind up any roots close to the stump. If you want to replace the stump with new plants or even just turf, stump grinding is the option for you.

You may think a tree stump isn't a problem, but it can become a nuisance before you know it. Our advice? Grind that stump to avoid these four headaches: Termites on wood

Headache #1: Stumps add more obstacles to your mowing route. 

If you're already mowing around garden beds, trees, and shrubs, you don't need yet another obstacle. And hitting a stump with your mower could cause damage that may cost you a pretty penny.

Headache #2: Stumps can become tripping hazards. 

You'd hate for one of your kids or grandkids to trip over a stump and get hurt. And what if a neighbor trips over it during a backyard barbecue? Removing the stump can make your yard safer.

Headache #3: Stumps attract pests.

Beetles. Termites. Ants. It can take decades for a tree stump to fully decompose, and all sorts of wood-loving pests could be drawn to it in the meantime. Everything will probably be fine if they stay outside. It'll be another story if they start making their way inside your home.

Headache #4: Stumps can produce new trees.

Tree stumps can sometimes produce suckers and shoots. Even if you get rid of them, they could keep coming back. Plus, those tree shoots can take nutrients away from other plants.


If you're dealing with unwanted tree stumps, the pros at Carolina Tree Care can take care of them for you. We can also add stump grinding services to your next tree removal job.

To learn more about our services, visit our Tree Removal and Stump Grinding page. Ready to talk to a pro? Click the button below!

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